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Bodybuilding And Forced Repetitions Dilemma

Posted on October 22, 2023 by Alfred Vogl

Dilemma of forced reps in extreme bodybuilding is previous as this sport itself. Most bodybuilders are grown up with mentality "no pain no gain". That is why most of them can not or will not quit training even when muscles are so exhausted they can not do a single duplication more. That is why the so called "training partner" of "helper" function continues to be invented. Majority of top bodybuilders possess a partner accompanying them and helping them with that third repetition whenever muscles start to rebel. The purpose of accomplishing this is clear. If I do one or two reps more, the pressure on the muscles will increase and so will increase the particular growth of the muscle. Right?

Simply no it is not right!

Let us take a much deeper look into this subject. What does that will extra forced repetition mean? This simply means you have done it using less effort and less energy than previous repetitions that you have carried out without training partners' helping hands. Muscles were subject to lower stress. You did not accomplish that weight with all the same strength you would have whenever weightlifting alone. In other words you have finished the repetition with "less" bodyweight than planned.

Now try to evaluate this doing with the commonly recognized and bullet proved rule within bodybuilding which says that muscle tissues are growing only if they are below maximal pressure. The answer is clear. 2 or even more forced repetitions have simply caused muscle tiredness without any optimistic effect at all. A tired muscle mass can not be brought to its maximal cost as it simply can not lift the weight anymore.

One has to realize that those type of forced repetitions lead to early problems, as muscle in that moment looses its natural coordination. Training companion is an extremely important person for a expert bodybuilder. But his role is not really to lift weights instead of you. Their role is to encourage, motivate you to definitely complete quality trainings and attain better results. Training partner is there to assist you lift more than you would dare in case training alone. It is wrong to utilize a training partner to help you damage muscle tissue. You will never be able to wrap up that instruction with 100% effectiveness.